1. no matter how many times i listen to fireproof ill never be prepared for louis’ solo

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    Harry picked the fucking name of the album didn’t he?

  3. Fireproof - One Direction (Louis&Harry's solos)


    This is such a good idea, if you listen with headphones you will hear vocals from Louis on the left side and Harry’s on the right.

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  4. China and India has a system called the dowry system, the dowry system is one of the main problems for female feticide. The average gender rate is 105 males to 100 females, but in China and India, it’s 140 males to 100 females and the male to female rate just keeps increasing. Why is that you may ask, well, in China and India they believe that male children are of more value than female children. It is believed that male children will bring strength and wealth, and female children are a burden in which causes more problems for you, thus leading to gendercide. In China and India the mothers will kill their child if it is not a male, typically they will put a cloth over it’s face to kill it, but there are many other ways they’ll kill it, such as: poisoning it, crushing it’s neck, feeding it poisonous milk from a plant, or using rice in some type of way. The mother will kill her fetus in any stage of the pregnancy, or even after birth, the worst part is they won’t even feel bad about it because they’re helping themselves. Not only is there problems at birth, but the rate of females between the ages of 1-5 dying is higher than the rate of males, due to the fact of people refusing to give the female the medicine she needs because a male may need it, 1/5 females won’t even make it past puberty. I highly recommend the documentary ‘It’s a girl’ because it explains the problem of gendercide in China and India.

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    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you get when you stand up to a man who beats his young girlfriend in public. Not the black eye, not the broken nose, but the sense of being a fucking great human being.

    I’m sorry but I don’t think this story is true.

    I’d like to believe it’s true! Trust me! I’d love a nice feel good story to make me feel good about the human race, but sadly, there are way too many things wrong with this story.

    1. Either you were headbutted by a man with the smallest head in the world, or a Legoman. Your “black eye” should be swollen, your eyelids should be somewhat closed and your temple on the side of your head should be swollen too. A black eye is a serious thing, man. Your body doesn’t let that slide. I know people who’ve hit their eye and within an afternoon it’s ballooned up.
      The purple around your eye is the most suspicious part. Blood vessels don’t really adhere to one singular colour. There are yellows, reds, violets, and finally, purples. Your black eye looks like a very bad make up job.
    2. You claim that the police got DNA from the headbutt to your nose. I’m not well versed in the practise of forensics, and I bet not a lot of people on Tumblr are, but a few things immediately stand out from your story:
      • Your nose (and in extension, your face) goes through a lot of contaminates every day. Your face is exposed to the elements. Now, say you did have DNA on your face, who’s to say that wouldn’t be rubbed off by the rain? Or the wind? Or when you take off your clothes? How much DNA can you REALLY swab from a headbutt? Don’t you wear make up? Wouldn’t that contaminate it?
      • Why are the police getting a DNA sample if there was a witness right there? Surely a witness is enough to convict this guy? DNA samples are also really expensive, and take a lot of time! Why would they use on you when there are rape cases, murder cases, etc.
      • If you got hit in the nose, and this is my main point, wouldn’t you touch where you’d been hit, and therefore rub the DNA away? I don’t know about you but if I got hit, I would touch where I got hit to protect it. It’s a natural instinct.
    3. Looking at your previous photos, the most jarring thing occurs.


      The top photo is taken merely FIVE DAYS after your broken nose post. Now, I’m pretty sure you’re not Wolverine, and you can’t heal a broken nose within five days.
      As you can see, I’ve placed the broken nose picture over a recent one, and there is honestly no difference in your nose.

      For something so prominent, it looks exactly the same. Where are the bandages? Where are the plasters? You’ve apparently broken your nose! Where’s the medical attention? 

    4. I don’t like the look of your court letter.

      Why is such a serious document scrunched up so much? That’s a legal document that you need to keep hold of in your records, why does it look like you’ve ran it through your pocket a hundred and fifty times?
      There’s also no official seal, and no signature on the document, which means…
      Anyone could’ve written this.
      Fire up Microsoft Word, select Helvetica, and off we go…
      I understand you live in Weston Super Mare, and I know it’s a rough area, but still…

    5. You’ve linked newspaper articles that are related to you.

      But, why are the police appealing for witnesses? If they have his DNA, if the woman in question was right there, if you were right there, they have enough to convict him. That’s two witnesses and straight up DNA evidence, right?
      Then again, the newspapers you’re in aren’t exactly the BBC. You can submit stories to them with little to no evidence.

    6. After talking to my medical student friend, she has the following to say on your “injury”. Please bear in mind that she’s going to become a doctor one day and has far more training that you and I.

      Me: Is that a real black eye?
      Her: No, not at all! It would be swollen. Not as even in colour, they start out red. Her nose is def not broken, she’d probably have two black eyes if it was. Bruises start red because it’s blood pooling, then as the iron in the blood changes it turn bluish black, then green, then yellow 
and not all at the same time - you get varying stages of colour. She wouldn’t even be able to open her eyes if someone headbutted her and broke her nose.

      So, there we go. Someone who will one day look after us all, and reads medical books has deemed this a fake injury, nice one.
    7. But let’s move on from what is, or what isn’t and onto the post itself.

      Look, I get it. You’re a feminist, you want to fight for woman’s rights, you want to take down us men because we rule the world or whatever, but your post reeks of “Women are weak, I just stood up for a woman! I’m a woman! I fight! Men shouldn’t hit women! I sacrificed my body to prove a point!”

      Here’s a much better message you could send to the world:

      “How about no one hits anyone?”

      It’s all well and good saying women shouldn’t hit men, but if Tumblr has taught me anything it’s that gender is entirely fluid and therefore the bodies we find ourselves in may not be the ones that we wanted, and as a consequence, a woman hitting a man may actually be a woman identifying as a man hitting a man and now we’re onto a huge debate onto who is what in what body doing what with who, but let me focus:

      This story is false. The injury isn’t real. I’m highly doubtful of the events in question, and even if they did occur, screwing up your court letter and lying about what the police can do is not the way to make a name for yourself.

      Surely preaching equality through, “Can we all just not hit each other?” Rather than, “Men are pigs and they hit women!” would be a better way to go, but then again, you did put make up on your face and fabricate a whole story…

    Holy shitdicks, I’ve just witnessed online detective shiznit.

    Everytime I see this post on my dashboard, without the debunking, I make it a goal to find it and reblog it.

    i can’t fucking stand people who go to such stupid lengths to fake a story for notes, especially for internet praise like jfc it’s one thing to fake a story because the scenario was funny. But fabricate a whole story to make believe you’re some kind of hero???? fuck u havent ya ever seen Sharktale????

    dear followers, here’s the debunking!!

    Thank god I wasn’t wrong about the black eye being fake

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    I don’t think parents fully understand how important it is to be like 8 hours early to a concert

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    "Ed Sheeran has been voted the Most Influential Artist in Black Music"

    There you have it then.. Orange really is the New Black

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    So there’s this place in New South Wales called Yass and there is a mcdonalds there and well…..


    "my ass"

    open 24 hours

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  9. How rape trials should go?

    • Lawyer:   Did he rape her?
    • Witness:   Yes, but she was drunk and passed out.
    • Lawyer:   That's not what I asked. Did he rape her?
    • Witness:   Yes, but she was wearin-
    • Lawyer:   I didn't ask what she was wearing. Did he rape her?
    • Witness:   Yes, but-
    • Lawyer:   I didn't ask anything else. It's just a simple yes or no answer. Did he rape her?
    • Witness:   Yes.
    • Laywer:   Yes, he raped her.
    • Rape is rape is rape, no matter the context.
  10. hey can you rec me some friends to lovers?? as many as you can..


    Sure! xx

    The Devil grants a Christmas wish (Larry Stylinson)

    Together in Electric Dreams

    Foolishly, Completely Falling

    Why don’t we go, somewhere only we know?

    This Is What It Feels Like

    Everything Changes

    Just Tell Me

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    *headbangs to Rejects for the rest of my life*

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    Petition for Worm Kink to become a movie

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    *puts worm between ass cheeks* it’s a metaphor

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    roses are red
    michael clifford’s hair is blue
    wait what
    what the fuck did he do

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